Meet The Founder



For years I struggled with frequent UTI’s, menstrual cramps, unpleasant periods and shame about my body.

As I was getting older these issues seemed to be getting worse and worse. In 2017 I struggled through about 1 UTI per month. Keeping antibiotics on hand quickly became a priority. I was taking them so often that my body was becoming immune to the pills and I would need to rotate antibiotics. I had accepted my body as “faulty” and “dirty”, so antibiotics and midol were the only ways I knew of to make my vagina cooperate. Until one day I attended a workshop about yoni steaming.

This is where everything changed

We gathered together as a group of women of all ages and connected about the MANY issues we experience in our wombs and how helpless we feel when it comes to them. The workshop leader then began telling us about a practice she uses to successfully address many women’s health concerns in her apothecary, yoni steaming. This is when my view of my vagina shifted. I learned that when we experience PMS, UTIs, cramps, etc, it's not random or because we have a broken uterus. This is our womb’s way of speaking to us and telling us what it needs from us.

So I decided to learn it’s language

Yoni steaming sounded a little too good to be true, so I decided to find out if this really worked first hand. I completed a certification to become a vaginal steam facilitator with the intention of only using it to craft steam blends for myself and for close friends and family.

My mind was BLOWN

I went from having a UTI every month to only 1 UTI over the next 2 years! The results were insane. Not only were my friends and I receiving serious physical relief for a wide variety of issues, but we also started gaining a whole new confidence about our bodies.

Camel Glo is born

I quickly fell in love with the process of piecing together what was going on in each unique body and addressing it with different herbal blends. After seeing the benefits of this natural, simple self care practice, I was dying to tell everyone I knew about it. Yoni steaming is a practice that so many women can find deep healing from. I started Camel Glo because I want to help you discover what your body is trying to tell you and provide you with high quality organic herbs tailored specifically to your needs.


Raegan graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2019 with a degree in General Business and minors in Sports Management and Communications. She is currently enrolled in Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture studying for both a masters and doctorate degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. She is a certified Reiki Master, Yoga instructor, and Yoni Steam Facilitator. She received her Yoni Steam Facilitator License from Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute in March 2020.  


The herbs used are all organic and are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs. Each formula contains specific herbal ingredients and ratios to target specific concerns in the reproductive area.


Camel Glo is a proud supporter of Operation Underground Railroad!
It is an AMAZING organization that focuses on how to go in and rescue victims from human trafficking and arrest the perpetrators.10% of all proceeds from Camel Glo will be donated to this organization.