Herb Prep and Setup without a Sauna

For users who are preparing herbs without a vaginal steam sauna, please follow the directions below.

Steam saunas are available here


    • Pregnancy 
    • Menstruation
    • While spotting fresh blood 
    • Extremely hot weather
    • If you are currently experiencing a burning itch (Click here to see herbal soak)
    • When prone to two periods per month or continual heavy bleeding between periods
    • After Insemination (or IUI/IVF transfer) when trying to conceive. Steaming is a cleanse, so we don't want to cleanse out the sperm. You may steam again after menstruation until the next insemination.


 Use the kitchen stove or an electric burner (sold separately).


Place a pot on the burner/stove.


 Fill with 4-8 cups of water and bring to a boil


 Once boiling, turn off stove and add in 1 serving of Camel Glo herbs into the pot. Herbs can be poured directly into the pot or with the use of a tea ball or muslin bag.

 Cover the pot with a lid and let the herbs sit for 10 minutes


The herb water will be tea colored.

If you would like to get double use out of the herb packet carefully remove it with a large spoon and store it in the fridge for next day use. 



 Transfer the pot to your steam setup. Remove the lid and it's ready to go.



If you do not have a steam setup you can follow these easy directions.

Put the pot on the floor (preferably on top of a plush carpet, rug or blanket).


Place your feet on either side of the pot.

Caution: the pot is hot so please be careful.


Carefully lower your knees to either side of the pot.

Tip: you can put a towel around the pot for extra protection to make sure not to burn yourself.

You can steam in this position.


If you like, you can rest your arms and head in a kneeling position on the floor.



You can also lean your arms on a chair or a bed while in a kneeling position if you do not want to bend all the way over.


Modify a chair by somehow creating a hole in it 

You could also sit on the very edge of a chair. Draping a towel over your legs will help the steam stay concentrated during your steam. (This is what I think is most comfortable!)


You can also look around your house for creative things to use!! You want to stay at least 1 foot away from the pot. Stick with what is the most comfortable! 


Caution: I do not recommend using a sitz bath or plastic bowl because the boiling water can cause plastic toxins to release and tarnish the herbs.



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