Steam Meditations

How to Set Up a Yoni Steam Meditation: 
1. Prepare your steam space in a comfortable and quiet environment. You may also want to put on some soothing music
2. Once you have begun your steam, take some time to quiet your mind by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
3. Keeping your eyes closed, place your hands lovingly on your womb space.  Envision roots growing down out of your body and extending deep into the earth to help you feel grounded. Then imagine your womb opening up as a flower to receive all the love and benefits. Now begin to repeat a positive mantra that resonates with you.
4. When you find yourself getting distracted, tell yourself you can revisit those thoughts later, then begin to repeat your mantra again.
**Helpful tips to distract your brain from wandering off in thought:
1. As your eyes are closed, look forward. This distracts the brain from picturing images. 
2. Don't get frustrated when you catch yourself getting distracted. It happens to EVERYBODY all the time! If you are able to notice that you're thinking, its a good thing! Just take a deep breath to recenter and begin repeating your mantra.



"I love you. Please Forgive me. I'm sorry. Thank you."

-Hawaiian Prayer


“Within and without, all impurities are cleansed with fire, water and earth.”

-Modified Taoist Prayer


“Goddess of the womb, cast off all impurities and retain that which is pure.”

-Taoist Prayer


"Water is my blood. Earth is my body. Air is my breath. Fire is my spirit."

-Native Prayer



My womb is healthy
My womb is relaxed
My womb is safe
My womb is beautiful
My womb radiates love and light









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